100 Leads A Day, Who Cares?

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ID 10052540 300x300 100 Leads A Day, Who Cares?Welcome to Facebook where you can turn your head to the left, and then a little to the right, and all you ever see is “learn to generate 100 leads today! Click Here!” (be honest, were you hoping for that to be a link?)

The question isn’t how many leads did you generate yesterday.

The question is how many SALES did you have?

100 leads and no sales is still $0 in your pocket at the end of the day. So would you rather generate 100 leads and have 0 sales or generate 1 lead and have 1 sale?

I would rather have the 1 sale. Get my drift?

I Don’t Want To Burst Your Bubble But…

Did you ever actually go back and click on someone’s link like that and actually get the 100 leads in a day and then not have one sale result from it? I have, and so have others…

What I don’t want you to get is discouraged.

Generating leads is awesome and great, and is certainly something you need to learn how to do but at the same time it is just a piece of the puzzle. It is just one skill.

Most likely the person ran a solo ad to get the leads. You may get one or two sales automatically from a shear number stand point but normally to get the best result you need to “warm up” your lead before they are ready to buy. You need to take them through a process and then make a good offer at the end.

This is the same with people that have a list. The size of their list doesn’t matter. The responsiveness of the list is what matters.

ID 10039222 300x300 100 Leads A Day, Who Cares?You can have a list of 100,000 people but if no one clicks on the “buy” button you are still broke.

The goal of this is to show you what is important and also to lead you to the next step. If you are generating your own leads then realize you are doing something that most marketers never accomplish (I’m not kidding).

The next step is learning how to form a relationship and gain their trust.

I look out for my “list.” I don’t randomly offer them the “flavor of the week” program. If I do not think it will SERVE them then I won’t even mention it to them. I do this to build trust.

I’m not going to send out some piece of junk offer to them just to make money.

I am looking to SERVE them, so I treat them as if I was giving advice to my own child.

This is why I send out my best and most rewarding private offers to ONLY those on my list. They get the first crack at everything that I do before the public knows about it (sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already to receive my private offers).

The point is that you need to learn and develop your skills to have the “complete package.” 100 leads a day is only useful to someone that knows what to do with them. Otherwise, you are like a small child running around with a slingshot. It’s enough to be dangerous but not enough to be taken serious.

One of the best ways that I’ve seen people develop into the “complete package” is through MLSP. Which is a an attraction marketing system built to brand you but the best part is that wealth of knowledge within it. It has a training library that holds over 3+ years worth of some of the best training sessions done by the top 6 and 7 figure earners in our industry.

Because MLSP is something that I believe in so strongly, as a bonus package, I will…

1) Do a complimentary 1 hour consult with new members after they finish the setup
2) Invite them into TWO private Facebook groups where they can have 24/7 support and access to TWO of the top trainers/producers using the system
3) If they are serious about working with me, I’ll pay for the 1st month, but you’ll have to access and this will only apply to certain individuals.

Since you are a reader of mine, if you mention that you saw this blog post, I will give you the same offer. Just send me an email or mention it to me and you are in.


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100 Leads A Day Is Useless Without A Sale

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