3 Actions That Will Transform Your Business

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ID 10074930 300x300 3 Actions That Will Transform Your BusinessOver the past weekend I was at the Pro Marketing Summit in Orlando, FL. The first introduction was by a person named Lena Bjorna (don’t ask how to pronounce her last name cause I’m not sure).

She was unknown to me at the time but had finished 8th in the Pro Blog Academy affiliate contest so she obviously had some stuff going on.

She also had some powerful incite that she shared with everyone on how to transform your business by just taking 3 specific actions everyday.

3 Daily Actions To Transform Your Business

Step #1: Take a bold action

There are things that are “stopping” you as we speak. Is it picking up the phone and making a dial? Is it making your first live video where they can actually see your face? Is it talking to someone on your chicken list?

The things that we avoid the most are the things that will get us what we want.

You can continue to take the long road around the mountain or you can take the tunnel that goes directly through it. One route will be long, one route will be short. One route involves traveling in the sun light with a picturesque view and the other involves traveling in the darkness with only a yellow light and nothing to look at but a concrete wall.

All you can see is the opening at the end of the tunnel and you can only hope that it gets here soon enough.

ID 10032063 300x199 3 Actions That Will Transform Your BusinessWhich route will you pick? The long and picturesque route or the short and dark route?

It’s up to you.

Step #2: Take a bold action

No this isn’t a typo. Step #2 is to take a 2nd bold action every day.

One thing to note is that you want to take these bold actions in the morning. What will happen, is that you will take the bold action and then realize it wasn’t that bad so you will want to do it again. Well, if you wait till 11:59pm to call someone, most likely they won’t pick up and you won’t have time to make another call once you find out how easy it really is.

Step #3: Take a bold action

Okay… this one HAS to be a TYPO! Nope.

You need to take a grand total of 3 bold actions everyday and in one years time your life and business will be transformed. Calculate it out. 3 bold actions everyday over the course of a year equates to 1,095 bold actions per year. It is impossible for your business not to have a revelation with that many bold steps.

The Difference Between You And A Successful Entrepreneur

Lena said that in her opinion, the difference between a successful entrepreneur and a non-successful entrepreneur (be honest with yourself if this is you), is that a successful entrepreneur…

  • Work harder than you
  • They have failed more times than you
  • They have experienced more pain than you
  • They take more risk than you

The average person does not take risks, and that’s why they remain average.

Answer this question…
What would you do if you could not fail?

Now take that answer and make it one of your “bold actions” for the day

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Take The 3 Steps And Transform Your Business

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