90 Days To Becoming A Millionaire

by Duke Romkey on August 2, 2012 · 2 comments

ID 10078088 210x300 90 Days To Becoming A MillionaireI just recently got back from the Pro Marketing Summit in Orlando, FL where industry veteran Eric Worre was a speaker. In case you don’t know, Eric Worre has been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years and has made well over $15 million dollars in that time (maybe more but I’m going to be conservative). In his talk he spoke of how he had to start from scratch and rebuild his downline up to 7 times.

Sounds daunting doesn’t it?

For most people to create a 6 figure income let alone a 7 figure income in network marketing it would take 5+ years and they may still never reached the fabled 7 figure per year level.

So how has he done it in 90 days and on more than one occasion?

The 90 Day Blitz To Becoming A Millionaire

According to Eric, the absolute secret is the 90 Day Blitz, where your goal is to pack 1000 people into a room. If you can get 1000 people into a room then you will become a millionaire. This is how he went from a nobody to creating an income of over $980,000 when he first got started. Now to clarify, this does not mean that in 90 days you will be a millionaire.

What it means is that when you look back at what you had made over the year, you can retrace the vast majority of your income to what you did over those 90 days. He showed this secret to one of his former downline members who came to him in desperate need and now that team member makes over $4 million a year.

Interested? I thought so.

The secret to network marketing is becoming a massive promoter, and promoters put butts in seats. Your goal is to hold an event in which you put 1000 people in the seats. Now this does not mean that you have to do so single handedly so don’t start freaking out on me and thinking this isn’t possible.

ID 10062446 300x300 90 Days To Becoming A MillionaireYou can form your own “inner circle.”

Let’s say you bring in 9 “inner circle” members. There job will be to each bring 100 people to the event, so their 900 + your 100 = 1,000 people at the event which EQUALS you becoming a millionaire. This is a similar feat to why product launches can do $1 million worth of sales in 24 hours. Look at the most recent one, Futuristic Marketing, it did $1.6 million dollars in sales on the first day that it opened.

Which is more attractive?

Recruit 2 people a month for 3-5 years or go all out for 90 days and then coast your way to becoming a millionaire?

You have to understand that anybody can do something for 90 days. The intensity of the challenge is attractive, it sucks people in like a vacuum cleaner. People hear 90 days and think “instant wealth.” I’ve found my shortcut! Is it a shortcut? Yes. Is it an easy shortcut? No.

I’ll be frank, not many have the courage and gumption to go through with it. If you are full time, you will need to work 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. No TV, No movies, No reading the newspaper, No nothing. You will eat, sleep, and drink calling and putting butts in the seats. You need to become the “Don King” of network marketing.

ID 10072061 300x199 90 Days To Becoming A MillionaireYou do this for 90 days and you will become a millionaire.

If this sounds like a challenge that you believe you are up to then you can find out how to get a copy of my own personal notes that I took from the event detailing the necessary steps that he gave out by going HERE.

It also require you to be in a network marketing company with strong leaders and strong support, if you do not feel that you are currently in that situation then you can contact me and see what kind our team has in planned.

 P.S. – If you want my personal detailed notes on Eric Worre’s 90 Day Blitz then you can find them HERE



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If You Don’t Go All Out You Are Not On The Path To Becoming A Millionaire

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  • http://twitter.com/Jerry_D_Ross Jerry D Ross


    Thanks for sharing the insights from one of the leaders of our industry. I agree with the concepts of putting in long hours and hard work to get the momentum of your business going. So many people, as I have in the past, start a business and take so little action that they never get it going. Consistent effective action is a major key to succeeding.
    Thanks for your post.

    • http://dukeromkey.com/ Duke Romkey

      The fastest and most effective way is often the hardest, but at the same time it is often the easiest because no one else does it so there is less competition.

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