What To Do After You Win A Vacation From Your MLM

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You worked hard or maybe you just have a rockstart marketing system that helped you win a recent trip for your mlm company, now what? Other than spreading more aloe on your body to heal all those sunburns and taking some aspirin for those “headaches” that you woke up with, you need to parlay this.

If you do this correctly, you can turn that one trip into a second, and a third, and a fourth!

ID 10016324 300x225 What To Do After You Win A Vacation From Your MLMFirst Thing To Do After Your MLM Vacation

Celebrate!… Publicly. For two reason…

  1. To throw it back in the face of those that said you couldn’t do it (let’s be honest)
  2. To show people that it is real (build belief)

I don’t think the first one needs any explanation but it is always fun and quite frankly that is sometimes what motivates people to get their hands dirty and start working, and that’s okay.

The second reason is the big one. People are scouring all over the internet to find something that works. They get to a website and they see a video that shows them how they can make a lot of money blah blah blah. Isn’t that everywhere though? Don’t all fake scams and what not out there showing similar videos?

What do people want? PROOF that it works from someone LIKE THEM.

That person is YOU!

Often times a person considering your mlm company that is on the fence just needs proof that it works and that THEY CAN DO IT. The funny part is that you know you have friends that think they are better than you. Let’s be honest, you do. When they see you are doing this thing and winning free trips they think to themselves well if “Joe” can do it and I’m better than “Joe” than I can crush this! Boom! Sign up!

So How Do You Work This

Start posting pictures of your vacation but spread it out. Don’t go and make one big Facebook album and post it online.


Just trickle out the photos over a couple weeks so that you can continually expose them to it.

People will naturally ask you about your vacation and things like that so just play it cool and don’t start pitching your business at the first person that says “Vacation.” I bet you see this a lot too, where someone comments on a photo on how cool the place looked and every response seems to end with “…join my mlm so you can come on the next one too (join link).”

ID 10084271 300x300 What To Do After You Win A Vacation From Your MLMThe reaction of the person that commented… REPULSION.

They probably slammed their laptop screen shut and ran into the other room. Rarely ever do you see them comment on the photo again because now they are SCARRED you are just going to pitch them again. All they want to do is talk about your vacation and how cool it looks, so do it because that is what you want!

Eventually when it naturally comes up and they are the ones that bring it up then you can throw in something about your company. For instance, if they ask you how much it costs then you can say something like…

“I don’t know, I won it through my company.”

No link, no nothing. Just leave it at that and let them ask what company it is.

People are nosey. They are looking at your stuff and they won’t even admit it. Often times it’s people you never would have expected. I had a classmate that I rarely ever talked to comment on one of my Facebook posts asking for info on my business.

Post pictures, videos, and tell stories from your vacation but play it cool. Just have a conversation and let things naturally take it’s path. You do that and you will be on your way to your second vacation, and a third, and a fourth.


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Make Sure You Make It On Your Next MLM Company Vacation!

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