What Are The Best Silver Coins To Buy?

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Are you currently thinking about buying silver coins? Well which are the best silver coins to buy?

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The best silver coins to buy will depend on your purpose for buying them and that’s what you need to understand. There isn’t a one size fits all silver coin out there. If there was then there would only be one coin on the marketplace.

Instead of telling you which one you SHOULD BUY I’m going to share with you why I choose to purchase the ones I did and you can see if it’s best for you too. There is a video at the bottom of the page going more in depth on the coins themselves if you want more information on them.

MS70 What Are The Best Silver Coins To Buy?The Best Silver Coins For “My Situation”

I was actually working in professional baseball at the time as a physical therapist when I really started to look for things to protect me financially. I had actually just finished submitting one of my many monthly payments for my student loans.

There is a pretty hefty price tag that comes with being a physical therapist these days, it’s over $100,000 to get your Doctorate degree, not to mention the 7 years of schooling.  Let’s just say the salary of a physical therapist doesn’t make that an easy thing to payoff.

I looked at my bank account while listening to the news about how the value of the dollar is in decline and how countries in Europe are faltering to the point where there money is worthless.

I’ve worked hard for the money in my savings account so I needed a way to protect it in case the trillions of dollars in debt that the U.S. is in came back to bite us as hard as the majority of the financial analysts are predicting.

I knew that if the value of the dollar went down then one of the best ways to protect it was by exchanging my paper dollars for gold and silver. So like you, I started looking for the best silver coins to buy.

My predicament was…

What if the value of the dollar went up? Not likely, but what if? Then the value of my silver coin would go down and I’d actually be losing money… Not good.

I still wanted to build up my assets in gold and silver but I wanted to hedge my bet just in case. I’ll be honest, I don’t like to spend money. I know how many hours I have to work to earn it so I like to hold on to it unless it’s going to give me value in the present or future.

Just to give you an idea, here is my current living room…

IMG 0718 300x224 What Are The Best Silver Coins To Buy?

I have my 20 inch TV from Costco

My $100 couch from Craigslist (which I got really lucky on), and…

My $19 table from IKEA.

It’s functional and does what I need it to do so I’m happy with it.

I started looking around for the best silver coins to buy where I could also protect myself against a drastic increase in the value of the dollar (highly unlikely, but hey… it could happen). What I found was Numis Network.

They had a 5 year 100% money back guarantee on all the silver coins you receive as part of the Silver Premiere Club.

I was like “Awesome!” I get a great asset to protect myself from the declining dollar and if it goes up drastically then I can get back all the money that I paid for it anytime after 5 years.

I wondered how they could do that? How can you have a 100% money back guarantee? No one else does that. Then I realized that it was because their coins will ultimately be worth more money historically in 5 years because they are in mint condition, so they are considered a collectible.

Just as baseball cards, the better condition and more rare the card then the more money it’s worth regardless of the paper its printed on.

So for me, the best silver coins to buy were from Numis Network.

Not Only Were They The Best Silver Coins To Buy, But…

They had just started a “Refer 3 and yours is Free” program. This got me EXTREMELY EXCITED.

As I mentioned earlier, I was riddled by student loan debt. Cost over $100,000 for physical therapy school alone, that’s not including undergrad which luckily I got a full ride scholarship for.

I was talking to my spouse and we crunched some numbers as we realized that if each of us referred only 3 people to the program so that we got a silver coin every month for free…

When we decide to have a kid, by the time they are 18 years old we will have over $47,000 at a MINIMUM (assuming the value of the coin doesn’t even go up one cent!) to put towards their college education and we wouldn’t have had to pay one dime for it.

Here was the math….

2 Silver Assets every month @ $109 (one for her and one for me)

$109 x 12 months – $1,308 per year

$1,308 x 18 years = $47,088 when our child turns 18 years old.

Our kid would have his own college savings plan without all the strings attached. All we would have to do is either re-sell the coins on ebay for a higher value or simply ask for the 100% money back guarantee and we could get that money in cold hard cash.

So the decision of what was the best silver coin to buy for us because a no-brainer and we got started with the Silver Premiere Club at Numis Network.

Numis TV Capture1 What Are The Best Silver Coins To Buy?


100pct Buy Back Guarantee 300x300 What Are The Best Silver Coins To Buy?

Let’s Kick It Up A Notch,

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The Best Silver Coins To Buy Are The Ones You Don’t Have To Pay For

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