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ID 10072569 The Content Creation FactoryTrouble with content creation? I know the feeling. It kind of kills your marketing strategy if you have no content to put out. Especially, if your marketing strategy involves writing or making videos, or what about that training webinar you are scheduled for?

I doubt they signed up to hear you breath in to your microphone.

So what do you do when you have no content and your brain is beginning to hurt from all the thinking?

Welcome To The Content Creation Factory

I’ve actually noticed that when I am at a lack for content, my learning and personal development has actually dropped off. When I’m studying new marketing strategies or I’m improving my mindset I am constantly thinking about something. The wheels are always turning, so it’s easy to come up with something to talk about.

You may be thinking, “I do a lot of personal development and I study marketing all day. Why am I still at a blank for words?”

Well it depends on how you are approaching the training. Instead of going into a training with the mindset of a student wondering “What can I learn?” Go in there with the mindset of…

“What can I teach?”

You should easily be able to come out of watching a webinar with 2 or 3 good pieces of content, if not you need to be watching some better training quite honestly. If you are spending an hour of your time only to learn one thing then you are wasting a lot of time.

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What about if you are reading a book. Ever get that “Ah Ha” moment? Don’t you think someone would like to have that moment too? There’s your next piece of content.

The best pieces of content are not often the most profound of thoughts. It is usually that which is most clearly stated or broken down. I’m not saying that you should plagerize or anything like that but take the concept and apply it to your thinking and your thoughts and make something original out of it. It’s okay to do, it’s called inspiration.

If you are going off of someone else’s work then be sure to cite them. Give credit to where credit is due.

For instance, I have always created content off new things that I have learned but this most recent post was inspired by Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy where he clearly went over this topic but I had never really put much thought into how I came up with my content. I have actually only been through module 2 of the Ray’s Pro Blog Academy which should be under ever blogger’s christmas tree by the way.

Sources For Content Creation Are All Around You

Here are some sources for content to help get your started…

  • Books
  • Webinars
  • Personal Conversations
  • Coaching Calls
  • Observations on Social Media
  • Watching Product Launches
  • Search Terms (Why deny them what they want?)
  • What you are struggling with


Please Leave A Comment With Your Sources For Content Creation.


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Content Creation Is All Around You

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