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by Duke Romkey on February 29, 2012 · 13 comments

Empower Network The Empower Network Review | Uniquely Blunt Strategic ViewpointThe purpose of this Empower Network Review is to help you decide whether you should join the Empower Network or stay far away.

If you are looking for a one-sided Empower Network review of where the only time you should not join the Empower Network is if you are not willing to work then you are at the wrong place. This Empower Network review will help you choose whether it is right for you from a strategic marketing standpoint.

What Is Empower Network?

The Empower Network is as close to a near all-in-one pre-done marketing system. I say “near all-in-one” because the only thing that is not included is an autoresponder service like Aweber or GetResponse (pre-written emails are available, just not the system to mail them out).

In order to be successful, you need to blog consistently and promote your website or affiliate link. Everything else is pre-done for you (can be good or bad depending on your needs). The capture page, sales page, and marketing videos are all done for you. You simply need to send traffic to them. How you do that is up to you. Quick recap: you need to blog and learn how to generate traffic (marketing).

One of the things I want to clear up in this Empower Network Review is that the purpose of Empower Network is as a front end offer to your primary company. It doesn’t matter what company you are in, Empower Network is not an mlm. It should be seen as a front end offer to which you can back-end your primary company. For example, someone enrolls with you in Empower Network, you show them how to start making money and then they decide to work with you in your primary company.

A Look Inside

The Empower Network Review – When To Stay Away

1) You are an experienced marketer with your own blog set up

You will have more control over your own blog and you should be working on building up your own brand anyways so you won’t have a need for Empower Network. Their blogging system is internally controlled to make it more usable and simplified to the masses, but in doing so, you are limited in personal branding and customization.

2) Strong Belief In Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is about “attracting” potential customers to you rather than having to go hunt them out. In order for attraction marketing to work at it’s highest level you need to be able to brand yourself because that is ultimately who you want your prospects to seek out. Unfortunately, you will not be able to fully “brand” yourself with Empower Network as you cannot fully express who you are on the platform as it is not entirely in your control. Plus the sales and capture pages are pre-made so you cannot brand them in anyway at the moment.

3) Planning On Going Full Time (Read explanation)

This is a gray area for several reasons. This is not about money, because you can probably make more money quicker with Empower Network then most any other opportunity. However… if you have plans to go full time in online marketing and desire to be your own boss then you need to OWN your platform. In this case, you need to own your website. Otherwise, if something happens to Empower Network you will be left with nothing and all of your work will be gone leaving you to start from scratch. However #2… it is a good short term solution if you are getting started even if you are looking to go full time in the industry.

4) You Have A Big Down-line Already In Place That You Have Been Grooming

Dave and Dave as they like to be called (David Wood and David Sharpe, the founders) have a unique and aggressive way of marketing their message. If you do not agree with how they communicate their message or it is different from what you have been teaching your downline then you should avoid joining because you risk confusing your downline with two different messages.

The Empower Network Review – When To Join

1) Brand New Or Just Testing The Waters

To get everything that they have done for $25 is a steal. They save you a lot of headaches and technical paralysis by having done the work for you. Most likely, you won’t have the selling skills that they have so it will take a lot more work to get the same results. For people that are toying with the idea of online marketing or trying it part time, the ability to be making money month after month with just 3 sales (you have to cover the cost of the payment processor which is $19 a month) is pretty appealing.

As you begin to grow as an online marketer, you can then branch out into creating your own brand in the long run which is what I would recommend. Using the residual income and knowledge that you acquired within the Empower Network to fund it.

2) SEO or Content Marketer

This is HUGELY overlooked by those that don’t understand the in’s and out’s of getting on the 1st page of Google. Even if you are not going to actively promote it, it is worth the $25 to protect your personal website from getting put in the Google Sandbox. If you want more information on this part you will have to contact me and we can talk because this could be 5 whole articles on its own.

3) Viral Marketing Training

Whether you agree with how “Dave and Dave” market or whether people should use Empower Network, the one thing you cannot argue with is that David Wood knows how to create massive results online, perpetually. Learning how he does it is worth joining in itself because he teaches you his methods at the inner circle membership level. You can then apply those strategies to your own business and personal blogs.

The Empower Network Review Conclusion

In a way, the Empower Network belief is much like Apple. Self contained and limited customization so that other people don’t go and screw it up. They know that they can market and sell better than 99.9% of the people out there, so until you are making generating signficant results of your own, they make a good option.

You can choose to join the Empower Network by clicking on the link below.

JOIN Empower Network


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  • Dean Ethridge

    Awesome post, Duke Great content as always from the pros over at Tribe Pro. I always learn something new from your blog Thanks for sharing! Dean

  • Srinivas Reddy

    Hello Duke! That’s a pretty good and honest rundown of why one should or shouldn’t join the Empire Network. I wish I’d gotten into it before I got into marketing myself online. I’d have learned a lot, which I could have applied to what I presently do. Thanks for sharing!
    My recent post.. Do It Now Or Else

    • Duke Romkey

      Srinivas, you can still apply what the concepts and tactics used in Empower to your own site. The system itself may not be for everyone but learning how they did what they did is immensely valuable.

  • Lilach Bullock

    Thanks for this review Duke of Empower. I must admit I’d vaguely heard of it but didn’t really know too much about it. I’m sure this review will be of value to those who are deliberating whether to join or not.

    • Duke Romkey

      Thanks Lilach. That’s my hope of this review. Get rid of misconceptions from a long term stand point and help people make a decision.

  • Val

    Hey Duke – good side by side review on when and when not to join. I fall on the when not to side:) Thanks, Val

    • Duke Romkey

      Cool Val. It’s not something that’s for everyone. I’m glad this review helped make things clear for you.

  • Jamella Biegel

    Hi Duke,

    Thanks for posting reasons why to and why not to join The Empower Network. I initially joined within a week of launching my blog. I soon realized that I really needed to focus on my blog, and left Empower. For those who do not have a personal blog, Empower may be just what they need.

    • Duke Romkey

      Ya for strictly BLOGGERS, I think Empower is more of a starting point, and once you get things setup on your own site then you should shift your focus there.

      If you do a lot of SEO and content marketing then it’s a different story because you can leverage Empower to PROTECT your main site.

  • Kevin Sandridge

    Great post, Duke! Love your blog design, too! The Empower Network absolutely has some major juice! @Jamella – I too wondered about joining Empower. I have a few blogs I maintain, and am concerned about time.

    • Duke Romkey

      Your time is your most valuable asset so you have to do what fits your strengths and outsource the rest when you can. If your current blogs are taking up all your time, then even if there is a lot of profit potential with Empower, it may not make sense for you unless you can outsource the management of it or you replace one of your other sites with it.

  • John Moussan

    I love the creativity of marketers out there another fine example of what is possible and value adding products.

  • Juli Becker

    Duke, this is a very fair and comprehensive review. I am impressed with how articulate you are in your video (this coming from someone who fumbles with her words on camera). lol. Thanks for sharing. Great value here. Juli

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