The Truth About Getting Free MLM Leads

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Are you looking for free mlm leads?

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Well the reality is that there is only one real way to get them, and it’s probably not the answer you had in mind. There are other ways to generate leads that do not cost you MONEY but it will cost you time which can be equally as valuable if not more valuable.

If you are looking for truly free and high quality leads that do not cost you in either time or money then you will mostly like have to have a sponsor in your mlm that will give you some of theirs. Unfortunately, if someone randomly off the internet is giving you free leads they are probably weeks and worthless.

ID 10063776 300x224 The Truth About Getting Free MLM LeadsSteps To Create Free MLM Leads

In the beginning, it will cost you time to generate “free mlm leads” but if you learn to do it properly and put a system in place. Then you can truly begin to generate your own free mlm leads that don’t cost you in time or money because once you do the work the first time, the system brings in the leads automatically.

Keyword here is system.

Step 1 – You need to either have a marketing system or you need to build your own. Personally, I would recommend just getting one unless you are a super tech genius with A LOT of time on your hands. Personally, I currently use MLSP because it’s the best and most complete one out there but you can use whichever you choose too.

Step 2 – Choose a marketing strategy: blogging, SEO, article marketing, video marketing, Facebook, Twitter

Step 3 – Learn everything about that marketing strategy and perform it CONSISTENTLY for AT LEAST 90 DAYS.

Step 4 – Read step 3 again, especially the part about performing it CONSISTENTLY for AT LEAST 90 DAYS. You will begin to notice some results after 45 days and then you will really start to have action around 90 days.

The Key To Generating Free MLM Leads

Be patient, don’t get frustrated, and don’t give up because you aren’t seeing results after day 1. Too many people stop performing their marketing strategy after 10-15 days because they aren’t getting 50 leads a day all of a sudden. It takes time to gain momentum and traction in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, what happens is that people give up around 22 days in and then they switch to another strategy, then they do that for 22 days and they switch to another strategy.

Then they do that for another 22 days and this time when they give up, they quit their business because they don’t think anything works. In reality, they were on the verge of having things work in their favor.

Whatever you pick, COMMIT to 90 days. Remember, at 45 days you will begin to see some results and then at 90 days you will have some ACTION. If you need help or guidance, reach out to your upline.

No One Is Helping And Teaching You?

If you would like some guidance with generating leads then join my MLSP team and I will plug you in to our trainings and team support along with doing weekly 20 min coaching calls for the first 2 weeks.

It doesn’t matter what company you are with as MLSP is a generic marketing system designed to brand you and work for any company. You can try it for less than $10 by going here.


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