How Does Blogging Make Money

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ID 10040659 How Does Blogging Make MoneyAhh, the infamous question of “how does blogging make money?”

Every once and a while you here about some college dropout living in a 12 x 12 apartment in NYC that started blogging about something he was passionate about just for the fun of it and then all of a sudden they tell you that he actually makes a living doing this.

Well, obviously it can’t be much of a living if he is living in that shack of an apartment, least that’s what you think till they tell you he’s making over 10k a month!

The strange part is that it’s usually something random like “cool new coffee shops that I found around town.”

I’m sorry, how does telling people about the latest coffee shop grand opening make you money??

Before You Ask How Does Blogging Make Money

ID 10067932 How Does Blogging Make MoneyLet me tell you the truth behind blogging before you quit your job and buy a domain name to put your blog on.

Blogging is about traffic (i.e. the number of visitors to your site). In order to get traffic, you need to be INTERESTING to keep people coming back and reading your stuff and you also need to know HOW to get traffic.

Realistically, it will take some time before you actually build up a big enough following that can make you serious money through blogging alone. I’m talking maybe 1 year or more.

The Answer To How Does Blogging Make Money

ID 10012783 How Does Blogging Make MoneyNow that you know the prerequisite truth behind blogging, we can answer how does blogging makes you money. There are a couple different ways that I will go into:


Ever notice how when a blogger is telling you about their life or their latest and greatest find, the product always seems to be a link. Well, it’s usually their affiliate link to online shopping sites like or something like that. When a blogger has built up their reputation or enough influence/trust with their audience, when they recommend something, people buy it.

If they here the blogger say that they liked the product, that is often good enough for the reader and they will go check it out at the very least if not buy it on the spot through their Amazon link. When that happens, the blogger gets a commission from the purchase.

2) Affiliate Programs

Very similar concept to the one described above with Amazon. The blogger will join an affiliate program with a company that sells a product and they will offer the product on their site, when someone purchases they again make a commission. Sometimes you will see this as sidebar ads or them just mentioning a tool or product that they use or like.

3) Ads

When your blog becomes popular and begins to get a lot of traffic (visitors), then it will become more valuable to advertisers. At which point you can start selling ad space on your site. Maybe you let them place some ads on your sidebar or footer, then you will charge based on the size and location of the ad on your blog.

The price will vary based on the likelihood of the ad being seen. For example, an ad at the bottom of a webpage would cost less than an ad at the very top because it is less likely to be seen. Similar to how much traffic your site gets, the more traffic your site receives then the higher the price you can charge for your ad space. Commonly used is Goggle Adsense.

4) E-Books

Bloggers are obviously going to be good at writing and they often only blog about one thing. At which point they soon become experts on the topic because that is all they ever research. What they will do is write an e-book and then begin to sell it on their website. Usually the e-book pertains to the topic of their blog, after all, that is the same topic you are interested in since you are reading their blog.

The benefit is that they can collect the full commission on this because it is their product.

5) Continuity Program

ID 10072566 How Does Blogging Make MoneyA continuity program is essentially a recurring income stream (monthly). There are a couple different ways that bloggers can do this. The first is through a membership site or program that they will offer. Often times it will be a training site of some sort. Second, they may earn recurring commissions by being an affiliate to someone else’s continuity program.

A new favorite that a lot of new bloggers are starting to favor is by using Empower Network, which is essentially a pre-built blogging system with your own sales funnel that is pre-done for you. It allows you to blog about whatever you want but also gives you the opportunity to earn upwards of $1625 off of one customer and $125 of recurring commissions month after month per person. At the low end, you could earn $25 of recurring commission per person. With only 10 people, that is $250 month after month.

Recommendation For All Bloggers

Study more than just your “topic area.” If you are going to be a successful blogger than you need to learn how to connect with people through words or video. Word to the wise, you have to do things differently on video to be able to establish rapport then you would in real life. I would also learn how to be a master promoter because after all, as you noticed, the majority of a bloggers income comes from promoting other peoples products and causing people to want to buy.

If you do not have a blog and want to skip the headaches of setting one up and then putting ads on it then I would check out Empower Network.


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