How To Ruin A Telemarketers Day

by Duke Romkey on August 30, 2012 · 1 comment

There is only ONE thing that can stop a telemarketer in their tracks and put them in DEAD SILENCE! How do I know? I did it the other day and they had NOTHING to say.

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I was sitting at my computer doing some work and I get this phone call from an unknown number… Which you never know, could be a prospect or could be well… a telemarketer.

Either way, it’ll be fun so I picked up my phone and I got the latter.

He starts telling me about a raffle that I entered my name into (and I did). Apparently I had won some vacation package but you have to put down some up front money to hold your spot. He starts going into a hard sell…

Asking me if I like any of the vacation packages and starts telling me how his favorite is a cruise. He says “would you like to go on a cruise?”

I was like “well, not really. I’m already planning on going on one in January.” He replies, “Oh, how much did you have to pay for it? It’s only going to cost you $97 for ours.”

Me: “It didn’t cost me anything. I am going on it for free through my company.”

Him: (silence)

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty impressed because true telemarketers are absolute BULLDOGS and I have a TON of respect for them because that is a tough job and something not very many people are even willing to do.

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  • Michael Dwells

    I agree. Telemarketers do a very tough job but still, that doesn’t change the fact that MOST of them harass consumers, invade privacy and continue to force their products on the frustrated recipients. If you’d read the complaints posted at Callercenter, you’d realize how abusive these nuisance callers are in what they call “the freedom to advertise.”

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