Internet Lead Generation Basics – Part 3

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ID 10073060 300x199 Internet Lead Generation Basics   Part 3In part 2 of The Basics To Internet Lead Generation we covered capturing information and what you need to do to be successful at it. Again, I prefer to have a capture mechanism setup before I send traffic to it because well… What’s the point of sending traffic to something if you have no chance of turning them into a lead?

So now that we understand the basic elements to a capture mechanism, let’s talk about traffic…

Traffic Is The Fuel For Internet Lead Generation

There are many many many different types of ways to drive traffic. Just to be clear, we are defining “traffic” as “eyeballs” or people seeing what you are promoting.

Remember, as my mentor always said… “the person that controls the eyeballs wins.”

Here is the thing about traffic…

The only way to get consistent traffic month after month that continually grows is to pick a method that makes sense to you and that you would happily do for the rest of your life.

All traffic comes down to consistency, so if you don’t like it, just don’t do it.

Simple enough right?

Because there isn’t enough time in the world to cover all the different types of traffic in depth, I will link them to some trainings or you can ask me what are some good resources for the one that identifies with you the most.

ID 10045485 300x300 Internet Lead Generation Basics   Part 3Traffic Types For Lead Generation

Social Media

Paid Traffic

SEO/Content Marketing

If you are just getting started and you needed leads yesterday then I would recommend looking into solo ads. They sound scary but they are relatively easy and you can get a lot of leads very quickly.

Solo ads is actually one of the methods that we use to generate leads for our new team members by doing a co-op campaign where they just have to pay for a share of the co-op and they will get the equivalent amount of leads.

Conclusion On Traffic

If you don’t yet know which traffic method is best for you, I would spend a day learning about each one and then pick one at the end of 1-2 weeks.

There are more methods then the ones that I listed but these are the main ones.

My recommendation to team members that are looking to figure out the best traffic method for them is to take the 2 week trial with MLSP and then go to their “marketing strategies” section and go through each one and then pick. If they want to keep using the system after that then they can.

It’s the best all in one resource I have found.


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