The Basics To Internet Lead Generation

by Duke Romkey on August 27, 2012 · 1 comment

ID 10058920 300x199 The Basics To Internet Lead GenerationInternet lead generation always comes down to the basics. I spent part of the weekend reviewing several blogs that were having problems with their internet lead generation and they were missing several basic elements of lead generation.

So let’s improve your lead flow by covering the basics…

Internet Lead Generation Basics

I was exploring this person’s blog and it was a pretty nice blog, was probably better looking then mine. By the way, there is no direct correlation between how your blog looks and how many leads you get so don’t let that stop you from putting it out there. An ugly blog will always collect more leads then having no blog.

The problem with their site was that even if I absolutely LOVED their content and wanted more and more of it, there was no way for them to know I was even there. There was no place for them to collect my information, which is a bit of a problem if the point of your blog is to become a lead vacuum.

Internet Lead Generation Basic #1 – Capture Information

If you don’t have a way to capture a visitors information then you really have no way of generating a lead. Makes sense and seems like a no brainer but you would be surprised about how many people actually forget this step.

This applies to more than just a blog. It doesn’t matter what form of marketing that you do, whether it be videos, ppc, or use social media as your main marketing strategy, you need to figure out a way to collect their information.

The most common is to use a capture page. You can see an example of one of my capture page here.

Internet Lead Generation Basic #2 – Traffic (Eyeballs)

ID 10018263 300x200 The Basics To Internet Lead GenerationOne of my mentors always told me that the person that controls the eyeballs wins.

This is why Superbowl Ads cost a ridiculous amount of more money then do any other TV ad. It’s because the Super Bowl on that one day will control the most eyeballs and all the advertisers are willing to pay top dollar to have their product put in front of the crowd.

There is a reason that I put “Traffic” as number #2 rather than #1.

If you are going to do all the work of sending traffic to a site then what’s the point of doing so if there is no way to capture them?

Setup your mechanisms for capturing first, and then send the traffic that way you don’t miss out on potential leads. As a bonus, you can skip a step now and begin to refine your capture mechanism as you go because now you know if it’s working or not. I will go more in depth on these subjects later.

My philosophy on this is similar to Ray Higdon’s philosophy on recruiting, you should learn how to close before you learn how to prospect. Otherwise you risk losing potential team members and in the beginning when you don’t have as many people to talk to those prospects become more valuable. If you want to learn more about his philosophy on recruiting you can go visit his Master Sponsoring Series.

Internet Lead Generation Basic #3 – Conversions

Conversions is simply improving your ability to take a prospect from one step to another. In this case, we are talking about being able to “convert” a viewer into a “lead.”

For instance, let’s say that the persons website I visited had an opt-in form on their website to capture my information. How well it provoked me to put in my information is a conversion. Usually people will talk about this in the form of a percentage. A 16% conversion rate means that 16 out of 100 people that saw your capture page entered in their information. Pretty good.

Check Back For A Breakdown Of The Internet Lead Generation Basics

I will be covering these all week so be sure to check back soon or you’ll miss out on when I go into more detail on each step. Don’t forget to put sign up for my newsletter and get access to my privately shared tips by putting your name and information in the form at the top of my blog!


Let’s Kick It Up A Notch,

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  • Jerry D Ross

    Right on! Thanks for the straight forward points to lead generation. You have to have a form of lead capture set up before much traffic starts coming to your site; otherwise they visit your site and leave and you may never have the opportunity to connect with them again. Good point.
    Another big point which is probably implied in your post is Content! A site with continual fresh content tends to generate better than one with little or stale content.
    Good points. Thanks

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