Don’t Let Your Marketing Funnel Leak Cash

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ID 10033757 300x225 Dont Let Your Marketing Funnel Leak CashAre you wondering how much money you are leaving on the table by a poorly designed marketing funnel? Well… you probably don’t want to know, cause it can be A LOT.

Here is a brief conversation that I had with one of my teammates:

Teammate: I’m creating an e-book.

Me: That’s great! What’s it about?

Teammate: Social Media

Me: Okay cool, how much is it?

Teammate: I’m thinking about $7-$19.

Me: What does it lead to?

Teammate: Lead to? Nothing. It’s an e-book about social media.

Your Marketing Funnel Shouldn’t Stop At Square One

What was wrong with the conversation above? They stopped at square one. They left a TON of money on the table. In essence, their marketing funnel has a leak, and it’s leaking cold hard cash.

Do you remember the first time you ever went through a marketing funnel? You bought one thing, and then another, and another, and another. Before you knew it you had a ton of different products but you also had a HUGE smile on your face because you just got the deal of the century.

That’s the type of process that you want to setup for your customers. One in which you both win, they get a ton of value and you make enough money to not have to go back to the corporate world. Everybody’s happy. Win, win.

Unfortunately, in the process above, there was no other products or services offered at the end of it. It was a “one and done” deal. If you are already reading this and thinking that this is greedy and you are forming a frown on your face then you need to take a deeper look into why you feel that way because it is doing you a disservice.

If you came into a restaurant hungry, would you only want the appetizer menu? No, you would want the full menu and would even like to at least hear about the deserts. In this case, the front end offer is the appetizer.

If you like what you just ate and would like some more, then here is what else we can offer you.

By not doing so, you are DEPRIVING your customer of more advanced knowledge on a topic that they are hungry to learn about. You are doing them a disservice by keeping valuable information all to yourself.

But I’m brand knew and have nothing else to offer?

If you were able to create a product, create a sales process AND actually make a sale then trust me, you know more than you are letting on. I’m not saying that you have to go out and create 4 products right now, but I would at least offer a coaching program so that they can learn more about the subject that you just taught them about.

What You Need To Do When Creating A Marketing Funnel

Always ask yourself How do I bring it all together?

Think about the primary thing that you are building. If you are a network marketer than it’s probably your primary company. So how are you going to lead them from the front end product into your primary company?

The point of a front end offer is not to make a lot of money and become wealthy beyond your imagination. Normally, people will make enough to fund their marketing from it. The point of the front end offer is to bring them into your community and keep them there until they are ready to join you in your primary or whatever your end goal is.

If you only have one product to offer and there is no next step. They will simply buy the product and leave because you have nothing else to offer them (i.e. you have no more value to provide them with).

If you are unsure of what a good marketing funnel looks like then go through Empower Network’s marketing funnel as they have one of the best one’s I have seen. Where not only do they provide extremely valuable information to their customers but they do so while creating multiple continuity programs (residual income). Go through their funnel with a pen and paper ready to take notes! Get your pen and paper and GO HERE.


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Don’t Let Your Marketing Funnel Stop At Square One

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