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by Duke Romkey on May 8, 2012 · 2 comments

ID 100311281 300x199 Trade Secrets Of MLM Lead GenerationDo you want to be able to increase your mlm lead generation?

Of course you do, because you know that more leads equal more prospects and more sales. Without leads, you have no business.

You came to the right place as I am going to divulge some of my best mlm lead generation secrets for you. I’m glad that you have sought out to learn how to generate your own leads as opposed to continually buying them from someone else.

As generating your own leads will allow you to have higher quality prospects and is the first step for really making a name for yourself so that you will never have to worry about running out of people to talk to again.

I remember when I first got started with an mlm and I didn’t want to have to continually call up my friends and family, but I knew, I just KNEW that if I had more people to talk to then I would be wildly successful and would be the next kingpin in this industry.

Unfortunately, I had no idea about mlm lead generation in the beginning so I would have days and nights where I just felt stuck because I didn’t have anyone to talk to and I just wanted it soo bad.

Have you ever felt that way? Where deep down, you just knew you would make it if you had more leads and people to talk to? Well let’s change that.

The Nitty Gritty Of MLM Lead Generation

The first thing that you need to understand is the concept of a funded proposal, because the reality is, people aren’t going to just walk up to you and randomly hand you their contact information. Generating a lead is about exchanging value. You are giving them value in exchange for their contact information (value back to you). If you are unfamiliar with a funded proposal then you need to go read and STUDY Magnetic Sponsoring (you have to understand this concept if you want to generate your own leads on autopilot).

Second, you need to pick a marketing strategy. It can be anything from SEO, article marketing, Facebook, Twitter, and even offline marketing.  In the long run, online strategies have more leverage as they can continue to run on their own.

ID 10058666 300x199 Trade Secrets Of MLM Lead GenerationI personally suggest learning SEO or video marketing (YouTube) as that is work that you perform once and it runs on autopilot month after month. Other strategies require either constant action or monitoring so if you stop doing it for a while then your lead pool will begin to run dry. The downside to SEO, is that it is a slower process in the beginning, don’t expect major results for at least 90 days.

However, becoming proficient at SEO is the equivalent of someone asking to buy a lollipop and then you magically appearing to sell them one.

They type in what they are searching for and then your site pops up to give it to them. In turn, you get high quality targeted leads.

Learn How To Get Ranked On The First Page of Google

If you just need to generate a lead TODAY, then I would recommend social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Get a pen and paper to write this down because here is what I tell my own personal team to do…

Say I am looking to generate a lead of someone that is familiar with mlm. I will go to Twitter and type in something relative to the industry like “recruiting.” Twitter will then find the people that have mentioned “recruiting” in a tweet for me. I will begin to chat them up and then go something like: “I was watching this training yesterday on how to recruit more people, you should go check it out as it was super helpful.” Then I send them a link to a training webinar that will require them to enter their contact information before they can watch it.

BOOM! Just generated a lead on the spot. It’s literally that simple.

In order for this to work, you will need access to a marketing system that gives people something of value likes trainings for their information (funded proposal concept, read Magnetic Sponsoring if you don’t understand).

I personally use MLSP because it’s the best one that I’ve seen out there with everything you could possibly need in there. You can check out others and see which one is best for you but I would recommend starting there. You can try it for less than $10 so I would highly recommend that.

ID 10080130 238x300 Trade Secrets Of MLM Lead GenerationHigh Quality MLM Lead Generation Comes Down To Branding

What is the ideal high quality lead look like?

For me, that is someone that (a) is looking for something that I have, (b) knows and likes me, and (c) is serious about making something happen. When those requirements are met then I know I can help them reach their goals. What is key there?

That they already know and like me.

This only happens if I have been branding myself. Ideally, you want people to search YOU out. When that happens, they won’t even care what you do because they will just want to work with you so they will join just about anything for that opportunity (I’ve seen it happen).

If all of your marketing brands the company that you work for then the lead/prospect won’t care about who they work with because they won’t know who you even are. The best quality lead is something that already knows, likes, and trusts you. For that to happen you have to brand yourself.

You need to find a lead generation system that does that. Hence I use MLSP, because that’s what they are built to do. To brand you. Once you begin to produce, the company themselves will promote you and then you get bigger and bigger from there because all of a sudden you have a bigger entity shouting your name. It’s powerful when it happens.

This is what I show and teach to those I work with.

Remember, brand yourself in your marketing and focus on only one or two strategies when you get started.


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