Friends And Family MLM Prospecting Tips

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ID 10034461 300x199 Friends And Family MLM Prospecting TipsI remember when I first joined an MLM. I was all hyped up and I saw it as the vehicle to get me out of debt and to be able to pay off my student loans from getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Then came the news…

The first thing they suggested was to go out to all my friends and family and prospect them. My initial reaction… this is gonna suck and I don’t want to do it.

You hear some of the stories about people who have lost friends because they weren’t properly trained on how to do it tactfully. Even so, it was still wasn’t something that I looked forward to.

I’m going to share one of the mlm prospecting tips that my mentor gave me recently when prospecting friends and family.

One Of My MLM Prospecting Tips For Friends And Family

Put them on a list.

No I’m not talking about “making a list” of your friends and family but simply putting them on an email list. You can use programs such as Aweber where you can create an email list to put your friends and families contact information on there. Of course ask their permission to do so.

Here’s what to say: “Hey John, I just wanted to ask if I could send you some updates on what’s going on in my home business so if you know of any potential customers you could let me know. Is that okay? Great, what’s a good email for you?”

The beauty of this is that now you can contact repeatedly over time and just let them know what’s going on. This is not you sending them an email pitching them on why they should join your business. Let me repeat that, this is NOT an email PITCHING them to join your business.

ID 10048297 300x225 Friends And Family MLM Prospecting TipsIt is exactly what you told them it would be, an update on where you are and what you are up to. For instance, if your company is expanding into a new country you could just let them know…

“Hey, our company is expanding to Australia, so if you know of anyone there that would be interested in an additional source of income please let me know as it would help me out greatly. Thanks!”

Obviously you can send them more information then that but you get the general idea. The advantage of this method is that if they themselves are at a different place in their lives then when you first asked them. Maybe now they are open to hearing more about your business and they will respond themselves.

It’s a constant reminder so they don’t forget about you. That being said don’t send out an email every week. Just do it when there is actually something to say otherwise it will become annoying and they will unsubscribe from your email list.

Scenario #2

When you ask to put them on a list, they will be shocked that you had a home business that they didn’t know about and will ask you about it. Then you can just send them information on it and follow up.

The difference here is that they asked you about it rather then you feeling as if you are pushing it on them.

Now you can see why this is one of my favorite new mlm prospecting tips for friends and family. It’s non-intrusive and effective. Let me know your results!


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