MLM Scripts For Recruiting And Prospecting

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ID 10052945 199x300 MLM Scripts For Recruiting And ProspectingFind yourself looking for mlm scripts to boost your recruiting and prospecting?

Good for you, because that means you are starting to get serious about your business and this is where the majority of serious entrepreneurs in mlm’s start. One of the major things that holds people back from quickly rising up in their mlm company is fear of the unknown.

If they only KNEW what to do in every situation then there is no doubt in their mind that they would arise to the top 10 in their company and be able to win every company vacation and be in the VIP spots.

This happens with recruiting and prospecting, people don’t know what to say or more importantly HOW to say it so they don’t. They keep their mouth shut and let potential business builders walk by them without a murmur.

I was no different when I first started. I was the type of person that would like to get this perfect before I would actually do them in public. I had never even seen a person prospect or be prospected (I recruited myself into an mlm because I found one that truely resonated with my beliefs and did not hesitate)so I had NO IDEA how the process went.

So I did nothing for the first month because I had no idea what to do.

ID 100456611 300x300 MLM Scripts For Recruiting And ProspectingMy Experience With MLM Scripts

I went online to figure out what to do because like you, I was serious about succeeding in my mlm and wasn’t about to let anything stop me. I found several recruiting courses but often times they only gave a couple actual lines that I could use in a few situations. Then I would have to re-listen to the CD over and over and write down what they were saying so that I could practice it.

Let’s just say this was very time consuming and could have been much easier.

I found others that were just the scripts, usually it was just a pdf with lines on what to say to your prospect. These were helpful but it wasn’t complete. You always here it’s not what you say but how you say it, which is partially correct but it helps to say the right things.

What I needed were mlm scripts that also taught me HOW TO SAY IT.

That’s was what I found with Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book Of Secrets. Let’s face it, if you don’t know what to say you aren’t going to make money.

It came with well, a little black book (obviously) and 2 CD’s. I was a little bit skeptical at first of it because I mean, I didn’t want to walk around town trying to sound and talk like somebody I’m not. That would just be inauthentic and people would be able to sense that. So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

What I Got Out Of Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book Of Secrets

At first I was pretty shocked because he had a script for literally every situation I could possibly put myself into it. I guess when you have been in the industry for over a decade and made millions of dollars you have probably experienced a lot of situations. The scripts were great because I wanted to be able to prospect other professionals and wasn’t what to say or even how to approach them.

I remember before I got Todd Falcone’s mlm scripts I would stutter and mumble when I was on the phone but the first thing I noticed when I started using his Little Black Book of Secrets was that the stutter went away and I became much more confident when I spoke. Since then my posture on the phone with prospects has evolved and the best part is that when I get a phone number I don’t hesitate to call anymore.

The really cool thing about his mlm scripts that separates it from all the others is that he reads through the scripts on the CD’s as if he was prospecting you so that you can hear the points of voice inflection, where he puts emphasis. This was a HUGE plus because it makes all the difference in the world. Plus, as a bonus, he goes into some of the theory behind why he says what he does.

That allowed to modify some of the scripts to sounds more like me when I talk to people because he taught me the rationale behind what he says.

LBB 300x223 MLM Scripts For Recruiting And ProspectingHere actually some of what he covers in his mlm scripts:

  • Types of Markets
  • Approaching the Warm Market Warm Market Memory Jogger
  • Five Simple Steps to Success with your Warm Market
  • How to Guarantee that you are never part of the NFL
  • Warm Market Close Friend Business Script
  • Warm Market Close Family Member Business Script
  • Warm Market Distant Family Member or Friend Business Script
  • Warm Market “Up the Socio-Economic Chain” Business Script
  • The Money-Back Guarantee Product Script
  • The “I Know You’ll Love this” Product Script
  • Seven Strategies for Success in the Cold Market
  • Todd Falcone’s Cold Lead Business Script
  • The 3-way Call to a Leader or Expert Script
  • The “Cold Lead, Wrong Contact” Script
  • The “Flipping Tele-Marketers” Script
  • Working with Agendas
  • Follow up Strategies
  • Six Strategies to Improve your Follow up
  • The “Prospect is There” Follow up Script
  • The “Prospect Didn’t Show up But I’m Nice” Follow up Script
  • The “I’m a Little Irritated that you Didn’t Show” Follow up Script
  • The “I Can’t Believe How Irresponsible Someone Can Be” Follow up Script
  • Closing Strategies and Scripts
  • 60-Yard Recruiting Strategies and Scripts
  • Seven Simple Tips for Mastering the 60-Yard Rule
  • The “Bank/Post Office/Grocery Store 60-Yard Rule Script
  • The “Specific Trait” 60-Yard Rule Script
  • The “Server” 60-Yard Rule Script
  • How to Leave an Effective Voice Mail Message
  • The “Curiosity Generating” Voice Mail Message
  • The “Specific Reason” Voice Mail Message
  • The “Courtesy Call” Voice Mail Message
  • The “Bank Account Balance” Voice Mail Message
  • Recruiting Professionals Strategies and Scripts
  • Todd’s Real Estate Professionals Script
  • Todd’s Real Estate Professionals Script #2
  • The Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer Script
  • The Financial Planner or Stock Broker Script
  • The Outside Sales Professional Script
  • The Inside Sales Professional Script
  • The Managers and Directors Script
  • The Retail Sales and Customer Service Script
  • The “Curiosity Generating” Professionals Voice Mail Message
  • The “Financial Matter” Professionals Voice Mail Message
  • The “Long Version” Professional Voice Mail Message
  • TFN MLM Scripts For Recruiting And ProspectingRecruiting Network Marketers Strategies and Scripts
  • Recruiting Network Marketers Script #1
  • Recruiting Network Marketers Script #2
  • Funded Proposals Strategies and Scripts
  • Funded Proposal Phone Script
  • Other Useful Scripts
  • Conference Call Moderator Script
  • Todd’s Personal Voice Mail Message
  • Todd’s More Specific Voice Mail Message
  • The “Old DS” Super Posture Teaser Message
  • Todd’s Go-To Teaser Message
  • Email and Letter Correspondence
  • Todd Falcone’s Email Scripts
  • Short Introductory Email to Professionals # 1
  • Short Introductory Email to Professionals # 2
  • The “Short and Sweet” Email that Follows a Conversation
  • The “Longer, More Detailed” Email that Follows a Conversation
  • Todd Falcone’s Snail Mail Scripts
  • Introductory Snail Mail to Professional
  • Introductory Letter with Enclosure
  • Todd’s Lead Coding System
  • Tracking your Progress
  • Bonus Material
  • Connecting and Rapport Building Tips
  • Bonus Tips to Ensure your Success
  • Mastering the Art of the 3-Way Call

As you can see, there is a ton of value in it to help eliminate phone fear and increase your recruiting into your mlm. Best of all he has a 100% money back guarantee on his product but using it never even crossed my mind. I actually felt like I should have paid him more for giving me all his best mlm scripts.

For those that are serious about succeeding in their mlm, then his mlm scripts are a requirement in my opinion to succeed in today’s world. With the increased fear of scams, what you say does make a difference.

You can grab your copy here today:

Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book Of Secret



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