An MLM Tip To Fast Track Your Results

by Duke Romkey on May 24, 2012 · 4 comments

ID 10079747 300x300 An MLM Tip To Fast Track Your ResultsWhat is an mlm tip that could get you put on the fast track to higher results in your company?

Well it’s really a two part answer so I’m just going to give you two mlm tips. You’re okay with that right?

MLM Tip #1: Do Everything Possible In The First 30 Days

I know, I know, obvious right? If you wanted to get some where fast you need to start out fast. Although that is true that isn’t why I mentioned it. One of the main reasons is because it builds belief that the system actually works and that mlm’s are “real.” Newcomers are normally a little skeptical at first even after they join so now it’s time to prove to them what’s possible.

There is nothing more important than a new rep getting that first check in their hands.

After 30 days self doubt begins to set in and they will become more hesitant to talk to people and present their business opportunity because they don’t really believe it themselves as they haven’t seen the results. Not only will that first sale build belief but it will turn into momentum.

They will see how easy it actually is and almost turn into ignorance on fire. Don’t over think it, all you are doing is inviting people to check out a presentation. It’s the same as asking someone to watch a movie.

MLM Tip #2: Get The Attention Of A Higher Level Upline

This goes hand in hand with mlm tip #1. Once you start having early success, even if it’s just enrolling one or two people in your first month, reach out to your upline. One or two people may not seem like much to you when you start out but the reality is that the great majority of people do nothing.

When an upline sees someone with potential they will spend more and more time with them because they become more valuable. They are constantly looking for builders and people to cultivate into the next “leader” in their team and it doesn’t take much in the beginning to show signs of that.

All of a sudden they will start sharing secrets with you, showing you the shortcuts, bringing you on webinars, and introducing you to people at events. This is the type of exposure that you can’t buy. When you have the mentorship of an upline that knows what they are doing then it can be a huge acceleration to your business.

What you need to do is reach out to them for support when you start getting results and then do what you need to do to stay on their radar. Take the initiative to contact them. This is not the time to sit back and wait.

What Will Make Any MLM Tip Worthless

I could give you a million dollar mlm tip and it would be worth nothing until you actually do something with it. In fact, the tips that I have just given you are worth thousands to tens of thousands of dollars if you apply them correctly. The key is that you step out of the planning phase and enter the “doing” phase.

If you want results, take action.


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  • Amanda Swedberg

    Thanks for sharing Duke

    • Duke Romkey

      Thanks Amanda!

  • Stephanie Cole

    Earn While You Learn!
    Do Everything Possible In The First 30 Days
    ..I have never stopped learning and taken action..Everything has falling into place now i’m helping others generate thousands each month.. Dave said when success comes it comes fast…It sure does! Thanks Duke

    • Duke Romkey

      Awesome Stephanie!

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