The Offline Marketing Component You Can’t Make Over 5-Figures A Month Without

by Duke Romkey on March 3, 2012 · 9 comments

46941slw31su93f 199x300 The Offline Marketing Component You Cant Make Over 5 Figures A Month WithoutWho cares about offline marketing when there are people making millions of dollars on the internet every year?

Let me clarify the above statement. You don’t HAVE to do offline marketing but you need to be ABLE TO. I’m going to explain the difference between the two statements and why it impacts not only your pocket books but how quickly your business accelerates. I’m not talking about building local teams, I’m not talking about hanging out in malls, I’m not even talking about the ability to generate local offline leads.

What I’m talking about is the key component that is being used throughout the network marketing and INTERNET marketing industry that is allowing people to go from being broke and living from paycheck to paycheck to being able to finally buy a reliable car, get out of debt, and make significant money in their home business for the first time.

The Difference In Doing Offline Marketing And Being Able To

DOING offline marketing is where you have that as your main focus. If someone asks you what your primary method of marketing is, you would respond with some sort of offline marketing technique whether that be drop cards, bandit signs, or just hanging out at the local watering hole and talking to people.

Being ABLE TO do offline marketing is in reference to the fact that your current primary marketing strategy is online (Social Media, SEO,Content Marketing, blogging, etc.), BUT in the event that you have the ability to do offline marketing if you chose to.

Why Does This Component Of Offline Marketing Matter?

There is an industry live event that is upcoming. Hundreds of marketers will be there from those that haven’t made a dime online to those that are making 7 figures year after year. Connections will be made, joint venture partnerships will be discovered, and careers will be expedited.

The reason I bring this up is that the majority of marketers can attribute their success to a live event, speaking on stage, or a relationship that they developed in person.

What Does This Have To Do With Offline Marketing And What Is The Component?

Offline marketing is about talking to people and building a relationship. That won’t happen without one thing, the component that is needed and developed through practice.

Being able to comfortably approach and strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Even if your whole business is based online, you need to be comfortable with walking up to a person and striking up a conversation with them. If a person is sitting next to you, you can’t be scared to say “Hi.” This sounds silly, but there are many of us who gravitated to online marketing because we were not comfortable talking to people person to person about what we do. Maybe you were embarassed about what you do or the results that you have gotten. I don’t know.

5383838e565lg8f 300x213 The Offline Marketing Component You Cant Make Over 5 Figures A Month WithoutThe point is that if you are not comfortable with talking to random people then you will fail to make the potentially life changing connections with people at live events that have changed so many lives in our industry. You will miss out on the joint ventures that could have led to a new million dollar idea. You could miss out on connecting with that ONE PERSON that had the foresight to look at your current business and showing you the one tweak that you needed to make so that you could pay for your child’s college education in full, so that you could buy your wife the house she always wanted.

Offline Marketing Is About Getting Over Your Fear Of People

When you get over your fear of people and are able to comfortably go up to someone and strike up a conversation, and more importantly be your true self in front of them because you are not worried about how they think you look or sound. When you have full expression of yourself. That is what will gravitate others to you. That is when you will catch the eye and stick in the memory of those that will turn into meaningful and prosperous business relationships.

You NEED to conquer your fear of people and be comfortable with who you are around ANYBODY.

Combine that with consistency in your marketing and you open up the ability to make over multiple 5-figures a month.



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Use Offline Marketing To Practice For When You Need It

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  • Val

    Duke this post is full of valuable content. You are right. Offline marketing is about getting over the fear of talking to people! Thanks for all you contribute! Val

  • Callkareemtoday

    Hey Duke, great content lots of value. Offline marketing builds character quickly. thanks for the info

  • Rebecca Woodhead

    Absolutely! I will be speaking at a major writing industry event later this year. If I was too scared to step out from behind a screen, it wouldn’t even be an option. Offline’s fun!

  • Srinivas Reddy

    Excellent post, Duke! And well said. To me, the online world is but a digital expression of the offline one. Merely a digital map of the real world. Besides, we don’t live inside our computers. So might as well learn to interact with (and enjoy) real people in flesh and blood. Your successes in real life socializing will flow back into your online business.
    My recent post…Do It Now Or Else

  • terrypetrovick

    “You don’t HAVE to do offline marketing but you need to be ABLE TO.” Truer works have never been spoken. Whether we work online or offline does not really matter. What matters as a leader is that you can help support a person do and improve on what they want to do. When people gets this they become much more attractive as leaders.

  • Alan Turner

    So true. What I find funny is that some people can talk to people all day long when they are in a job, but try and have them do the same for their own business and they clam up!

    At the end of the day this industry is about people in some way, and if you cannot connect, be it offline or online, you have a problem. Great post Duke.

    Keep moving forward.


  • Cathybishop

    Agree with this. People these days are so caught up with living and communicating online that they forgot how to communicate with people face to face. People need to conquer their fear of talking to other people if you want to succeed.

  • Michael U

    It’s a great post Duke! Thanks for sharing !! :)

    • Duke Romkey

      Thanks Michael

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