The Pick What I’m Going To Sell You Strategy

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pro marketing summit logo1 300x84 The Pick What Im Going To Sell You Strategy  I just got back from the Pro Marketing Summit in Orlando, FL put on by Ray Higdon and Magnetic Sponsoring, which was completely Awesome!

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So many good tips and insider information was shared on and off stage. By off-stage I mean the post-event bar room talk where all the speakers normally huddle and tell you about all their super secret goodies if you ask the right questions and buy enough drinks. That stuff was really good.

What I’m about to reveal isn’t a strategy that was taught at the event but it was a strategy that was used which I thought was pure genius, although I’m not sure how much of the audience picked up on it. Maybe it was because I was at the back tables helping the speakers out so I had a different perspective. I’m not really sure.

Imagine this for a second….

What if you were standing on stage and your audience TOLD you what they wanted to buy? Do you think it would be easier? Do you think you would make more sales?

You will hear trainers, including myself, tell you to figure out your target markets wants, needs, and desires and then give them what they want. That way you are serving your markets needs but making money at the same time.

Well, that involves a lot of market research normally and unless you are like me where you’ve spent years holed up in the basement section of a library studying and researching material while working on your Doctorate until they kick you out because the staff needs to go to sleep. The research process may not be your forte.

So why not just have them SHOUT it out to you and then give them exactly what they ask for ON THE SPOT??

This is exactly what I saw happen and what I’m going to share with you…

ID 10075555 300x248 The Pick What Im Going To Sell You Strategy  The Mechanics Of “Pick What I’m Going To Sell”

The speaker is standing there up on stage and tells the crowd that they are going to have their choice on what he’s going to talk and train them on. Of course, the crowd thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread because now they get to learn exactly what they came for.

Right after he announces this, he begins to write out 3 options, or topic areas that the crowd can pick from. Then the audience votes by a show of hands and the topic with the most votes wins.

The training starts and at the end of the training he presents the crowd with the option of receiving more in depth training on the topic that THEY SELECTED and specifically TOLD HIM that they WANTED.

Give the audience what they want and everybody wins. You make money while solving their problems. It’s a win-win.

The caveat?

No matter what option you picked there was a product or additional live training session you could buy. Boom! Genius!

The Only Way This Works

You cannot just go up on stage, ask the crowd what they want and then tell them to go buy your product. It doesn’t work that way.

ID 10062018 300x300 The Pick What Im Going To Sell You Strategy  Your job as a speaker is to train and provide value to the audience. 

(A) It demonstrates that you know your stuff

(B) It gives them a little taste of it so they want more

(C) Those that don’t buy still walk away with something valuable and useful they can use

The reality is that as a speaker, you cannot possibly train and teach someone a concept from start to finish in under 2 hours. They can learn it but they won’t be able to master it, so you HAVE to give them the opportunity to get more information otherwise you are actually doing them a DISSERVICE.

The speaker in this case was Eric Worre and he’s a consummate professional of the industry and did one of the best trainings of the day in my opinion.

If you aren’t familiar with his stuff then I would look him up because he is an industry servant that has been helping network marketing out for over 20 years.

**If you would like to find out how to obtain a copy of my personal unedited notes from his presentation and others from the Pro Marketing Summit you can go HERE.**



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