If We All Prospected Dominican Style We’d Be Rich

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IMG 0200 300x225 If We All Prospected Dominican Style Wed Be RichI was just in the Dominican Republic and I saw a trait that would translate over extremely well to network marketing. In fact, it would probably solve much of the complaints or lack of success in the industry.

In case you didn’t know, I was in the Dominican Republic for the past 2 weeks doing service work in the less fortunate areas around Santiago. I was acting as a clinical instructor for current US physical therapy students that we went down there with as well as treating patients myself in the local communities. To do so, we would take public transportation everywhere and got to experience some new things…

Then It Hit Me…

One day on our way to a clinic, I was sitting in a taxi cab in Santiago when it dawned on me. Just so you know, their taxi cabs look a little bit different then most of the ones here in the states. Almost all of the ones that I rode in were beaten down, rusty, inner linings coming off, and had inner door panels missing. In fact, one of them used a standard t-shirt as a seat cover (I know this because they left the sleeves on the shirt).

As we would be packed into the taxi, I say “we” because they would continue to pile people in until they had 6 passengers squeezed into a vehicle that was designed for 4 (4 adults in the back and 2 adults in the front passenger seat). What they would do is continue to drive down the street and honk their horn at every person they saw walking down the street that could possibly want or need a ride. If the person turned and looked or made a reciprocal signal back then they were in business.

They would do this over and over until the car was full for as much of the duration of the ride as was possible. If they were short a person then they would take a side street if necessary to find someone.

25780e6gx1gwpyo 294x300 If We All Prospected Dominican Style Wed Be RichThey didn’t care what their taxi cab looked like (believe me, it wasn’t something that you would see and go “man, I wanna ride in that”).

They had a goal in mind of filling their cab with 6 passengers at all time, and they set out to do it. In network marketing terms, they were actively prospecting every time that they honked their horn at someone.

If they saw anything moving with two legs you got a honk (aka were prospected). The taxi cab drivers knew it was a numbers game and that’s how they played it. Literally, purposefully honking at hundreds of people each and everday.

Honking was like prospecting someone and if they looked at the taxi cab it was like someone seeing the company presentation. If they got in the cab then it was like them choosing to join your company.

What Does This Mean For You…

Imagine what your results would be if you prospected to even 1/10th of those numbers everyday. Most people don’t even prospect 10 people a day let alone a couple hundred. Yet, that’s what they do, because they know if they don’t find people then they won’t eat. That’s how you need to approach your network marketing business and your prospecting. Don’t treat it as if it’s a lottery ticket that will bring you millions if you get lucky that one day.

It doesn’t work that way.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if you could take one of those Dominican taxi cab drivers that I was with and put them in the US with a solid network marketing company like mine then they would be one of the top earners in the company.

You need to start prospecting Dominican style.

Forget what your blog or Facebook page looks like and just go out there and play the numbers game, and play it BIG. You do that and you will WIN.

If you are unsure of what to say when you are prospecting and recruiting then I would recommend watching this webinar replay.

Watch webinar replay here.



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