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by Duke Romkey on April 30, 2012 · 6 comments

66097c8cpdiwyvy 300x199 Sales Tactics Used At Your Local DealershipWhenever you think about sales tactics, car salesmen often poke their head into the conversation. Mainly because people find themselves buying cars that not only did they not plan on but often times leaving feeling like they got the deal of the century.

How do they do this and what type of sales tactics do they use?

Well, I decided to find out first hand by going and test driving some cars with my girlfriend. Little did they know that I was already versed in the art of salesmanship and I went not to buy a car but to study how they were going to try and sell one to my girlfriend.

Car Dealer Sales Tactics Broken Down

1) Opening Questions

Both of the car salesman that we had did a very good job of gathering background information on the possible type of car that we had already had in mind and what were our “needs” or “must have” items in a car. Questions are incredibly valuable because once you find out enough information to the point where you have a firm grasp of what your prospect is looking for you can then better fit them to a product or service.

Selling with ease isn’t so much about persuasion or manipulation as some may have you think as it is about finding the right product that fits with what your prospect is looking for. When you do that, they practically sell themselves.

39830zwisgw0hxi 199x300 Sales Tactics Used At Your Local Dealership2) Saying “Hi” to the sales manager

As we were about to walk out of the car dealership with our brochures in hand, the car salesman told us to wait for a second as the sales manager had wanted to say “hi” and introduce himself. Immediately, I thought “3-way call.”

That it was, as the sales manager is the one that can offer up all the good deals and really haggle down prices with you. It’s like bringing in the big guns to try and close the deal.

This is highly effective as now you have multiple people telling you the same thing and offering it up in a different light.

Secondly, there is the edification as now you are talking to the main person in charge with all the power. If you aren’t doing 3-way calls or using a second party to aid in the process then you are leaving money on the table as this is a highly effective sales tactics.

3) Imagery

I love this sales tactic when it’s done right. The car salesman begins to ask you what color do you like? You tell him, and then they bring you over to a couple and ask you if you like this model or that one. Essentially, narrowing in down to the point where you have the car that you had envisioned in your head now sitting in front of you.

Once you can see yourself in it then half of the battle is already over because in your head you already own it. It has become real for you.

4) Test Close

I have to say, one of the car salesman that we had did about 4 different test closes in the span of 2 minutes. “Can you see yourself driving this home? How soon would you like it? Are you ready to drive it home?”

Notice how none of them just straight out said would you like to buy it? If they did and you said “no” then the conversation is over and anything after that would seem desperate or pushy on their part.

This is actually where a lot of entrepreneurs go wrong because they won’t even go to a test close. In fact, they never ASK for the sale. If you don’t ask for it, then most likely it won’t happen.

If you have never used sales tactics such as a test close then you need to checkout how Ray Higdon has used them to close hundreds of people in his Master Sponsoring Series.

39851wifpu0lr8y 300x225 Sales Tactics Used At Your Local Dealership5) Everyone Gather Around And Watch

I saw this guy do this and I automatically thought that it was pure genius. All the cars were lined up outside in the lot and we wanted to take a look inside one of them.

Instead of just opening the car doors and letting us squeeze in, he pulled the car out into the middle of the lot so that ALL the OTHER car shoppers out on the lot could see us testing out this car.

Think about what just happened and how powerful it is. If you are out buying something and then you see someone else thinking about buying something what is your natural reaction?

First, your curiosity is peaked and you want to know what they are looking at and secondly, the value of that car has just risen in your eyes as now there is social proof that other people want it to.

6) Fear of loss

The fear of loss is one of the more powerful sales tactics. Especially, since it was the end of the month when we were looking at cars so there were quotas that needed to be met and therefore deals to be made. They were able to say that a decision had to be made in the next 2 days tops or else the month would be over and so would the deals as the quotas would be over.

That fear of not getting an awesome deal that you may never see again is always tough to walk away from. Until you realize that this happens nearly every month…

792753tbnpat4x5 300x300 Sales Tactics Used At Your Local Dealership7) Saying “Yes”

If you read book on how to sell you will hear them talk about “yes velocity” or some version of it. Normally, the recommendation would be that you need to get at least 5-7 “yeses” before you ask for a sale. In this case, it was do you like this color? Do you like this model? Would you like to test drive it? Do you like the gas mileage? Is it in your price range?

After that, the prospect has again reinforced to themselves all the reason why they SHOULD get the car. The resistance is going down and the sale becomes easier.

Use Sales Tactics Responsibly

The most impressive thing that I had noticed when I went to the car dealership was that the salesman that did actually use these techniques did not try and manipulate you into a purchase of something that you didn’t want or they didn’t think would actually help you. On more than one occasion they didn’t recommend a higher priced vehicle even though we asked about it because they didn’t feel it was congruent with our needs.

Be responsible when you use some of the aforementioned sales techniques, because when you aren’t being responsible you are giving a bad reputation to not only yourself but also the industry you represent.

If you are looking for actual scripts that you can use during prospecting and closing then I would recommend you check out Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Secrets where he not only gives you the scripts he has used over the last 17 years to earn over 7 figures but he includes audio so that you can see when and where he uses inflection points.


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