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by Duke Romkey on December 27, 2011 · 15 comments

Facebook is the marketers new darling, but don’t sleep on the potential Twitter traffic from 100+ million active Twitter users. When everyone is going left, don’t be afraid to go right. With the majority of marketers focusing on Facebook, now is a good time to shift part of your efforts back towards Twitter because your marketing will become more effective now that there are less people focused on it.

You need to make sure you diversify your traffic sources so that you aren’t completely wiped out if one of them disappears (i.e. google PPC).

Steps To Increasing Your Twitter Traffictwitter newbird boxed whiteonblue Add Twitter Traffic To Your Marketing Arsenal

1) Attract followers to your doorstep

No one goes “Wow! Look at how many company links that guy is spamming! Let’s follow him!”

When I see a person spamming company links left and right, I automatically think (1) that is incredibly unattractive,(2) they don’t know how to market effectively, and (3) they have a small chance at succeeding in the long run.

You need to give value and share useful information. When people see you as a source of good information, they will want more and begin to follow you.

Don’t forget that people will also follow those that are entertaining, so don’t feel you have to read off your library card to increase Twitter traffic.

2) The Hashtag

The Hashtag of “#” marks a topic or keyword on Twitter. The hashtag will allow people that search for tweets on a certain category to see your post.

For example, if you tweet “This article is #awesome.” When people search “awesome” they will be able to find your tweet about this awesome article. Try it out icon wink Add Twitter Traffic To Your Marketing Arsenal

Increasing the number of ways people can find you will increase your Twitter traffic.

3) Share links to your blog or website

Notice I said share links to your blog or website and not constantly share links to your capture page. BIG difference. Share links to where they can find additional value that can’t be summed up in the 140 characters that you are allowed to use per tweet.

It’s okay to share links to your company or capture pages, you just don’t want to do this constantly or people will tune you out. Do you watch TV to see the same commercial everyday? No, you watch it for the content on the shows. Same thing on Twitter.

4) Reply to popular tweets

This about increasing your exposure. By replying to a popular Twitter user you are increasing the amount of people that see your tweet and thereby increasing potential Twitter traffic.

This is also a good method to gain followers if they like what you say.

5) Show people you are a real human being

Have a life and tweet about it. You don’t always have to tweet about business. Take advantage of popular events and hashtags to increase exposure. People need to see that you are a real being and not just an automated machine. Do this by replying to messages and commenting on things that are happening now. Just being active and social on your account is usually enough.

6) Don’t tweet every 5 seconds

It’s important not to overdo it. The point of marketing and increasing your Twitter traffic is to drive prospects to specific pieces of content that you want them to see. Why would you then want to bury the promotional tweets with 20 random tweets on top of it? People aren’t going to scroll down through every tweet you did that day.

3-5 tweets per day is a good number to shoot for to show that you are active and have people see the tweets that you want them to see without burying them.

Diversify With Twitter Traffic

The potential of Twitter traffic built from having over 100+ million users is not something that you want to discount. Don’t get discouraged early on because you don’t have a lot of followers, let it build up over time like everything else.

The objective of Twitter is to increase your exposure and drive your Twitter traffic back to your website and eventually your capture pages to turn them into prospects.

To learn more advanced marketing strategies on Twitter and automating the process so that you don’t have to manually tweet and follow 100+ million users you can access a free video tutorial here.

As a bonus to you, I am offering access to my private training on how to painlessly find specific Twitter users based on location and keywords in under 10 seconds. Imagine how powerful it would be to connect with people in your local area with similar interests. I am only making this available to those that join my attraction marketing team today. You can find out more about it here.


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Take Advantage Of The Facebook Wave By Increasing Your Twitter Traffic

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  • Anonymous

    Twitter is definitely a great way to add value and get noticed…IF you do it correctly.



  • Suha Sagban

    Grt tips Duke, im not big on twitter and i plan on being more active in 2012, this really helped me.

    • Duke Romkey

      I’m glad it helped Suha! I’ll look for you on there!

    • Duke Romkey

      glad I could help Suha!

  • Val Heisey

    Thanks for the great info Duke. I onlywire my bog posts to twitter, but I want to learn more about how to use it more effectively and your post helped a lot!

    • Duke Romkey

      You can onlywire your posts to Twitter, you just need to make sure you sprinkle in some “human” tweets. We don’t all communicate in blog post titles.

    • Duke Romkey

      You can still onlywire your blog posts to twitter but you will just have to make some additional “human” tweets to fill in the gaps.

  • Dave Sharp

    Great advice for the correct use of Twitter here Duke and when I look at Twitter it makes me realise just how many folk need to learn how to use it properly.

    • Duke Romkey

      There is some terrible stuff on Twitter, unfortunately, people actually wasted their time putting that stuff up!

    • Duke Romkey

      Isn’t it surprising the stuff that you will see on there? They just need someone to point them in the right direction, that’s all.

  • Lilach

    I’m a huge fan of Twitter, in fact I get the majority of my traffic from Twitter. Like any marketing strategy it’s all about building relationships, if you simply spam on there the results will not be nearly as effective.

    • Duke Romkey

      Ya and anyone can get junk traffic, it’s about quality.

    • Duke Romkey

      Couldn’t agree more

  • Steve & Vicky Bruce

    My friend Duke shares a great post Add Twitter Traffic To Your Marketing Arsenal Thane’s Duke.

    • Duke Romkey

      Thanks Steve and Vicky, glad you got something good from it!

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