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ID 10048823 199x300 Welcome To The NETWhat is the “NET” and what does it matter for you? The NET is something that was done by Mark Hughes and Larry Thompson at Herbalife and is largely responsible for their significant growth. The NET is a concept that allowed them to go from several millions in sales per year to several BILLIONS in sales per year.

In todays world, network marketing companies risk failing in their first 2-3 years. That is when the waters are most dangerous. The initial rah-rah of a pre-launch company fade away and it comes down to the companies leaders to propel the company forward and keep it in perpetual growth.

The problem for most companies is well… they don’t have Mark Hughes and Larry Thompson to duplicate the system and show them the in’s and out’s of what needs to be done to turn their own network marketing company into a GIANT!

How To Implement The “NET”

ID 10065499 150x150 Welcome To The NETNET stands for “National Expansion Team,” where a company grooms distributors to begin taking over city by city, state by state, and soon country by country. The concept relies on explosive and quick growth over a 90 day period.

Typically a network marketing company will sell you on the fact that if you get 2 people every month for 2-5 years then you will be in place for a significant income. Here’s the reality…

Most people are more likely to work hard for 90 days then they will for 2-5 years.

Anybody can do anything for a 90 day period but most cannot for 2-5 years. Hence fad diets are “fads.” The majority cannot keep pace for such a long period. What if however you only had to work hard for 90 days?

What if you only had to tell other people that if they worked hard, and I mean ALL OUT ACTION for 90 days, to the point where they are worn out, want to quit, and have to find a way to grind it out. They do this, and they will accomplish a feat greater than what would have happened if they only focused on 2 people every month for 2-5 years.

The Problem?

After the network marketing industry lost of it’s legends in the passing of Mark Hughes, Larry Thompson became the sole architect that was left. He knew the secrets to taking it from a concept to a reality.

Unfortunately, Larry Thompson isn’t about to join your network marketing company and very few have access to even invite him to become a consultant.

IMG 0700 300x224 Welcome To The NETWhat Happened This Weekend

I was sitting at my company event and to my SHOCK, Larry Thompson choose to become a personal consultant with Numis Network and lead the first assembling of a “National Expansion Team.”

This is EXTREMELY RARE but one of the founders of Numis Network had a previous relationship with him and Larry Thompson felt that they were a “sleeping giant” with everything in place to become the next GIANT in the industry just as Herbalife did.

The only catch is that you cannot buy your way onto the National Expansion Team, you have to QUALIFY. They are looking for leaders and leaders lead by example.

It will be tough, hard, long days and nights where you have to dig deep and grind for 90 days but in the end you will be GROOMED by one of the legends in the industry. Where they will be putting you in place to be set for life as long as you are willing to put in the work with focused action.

If you are not completely, 100% satisfied with where you are at right now then don’t you think it’s worth taking a look for the opportunity to be groomed by one of the greatest in the industry?

If you are ready and willing to go hard for 90 days, no excuses, no flaking out, only all out massive and purposeful action. Then GO HERE and see what it’s about.

If it’s not for you then it’s cool, no worries, because it’s not for everyone.

But if you want to be on the FIRST National Expansion Team, where you can say that you were there for the creation of a GIANT then you will want to take action.

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