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29138syhl4jivnf 300x300 What Not To Do On FacebookGreat, you’ve learned what TO DO on Facebook. Now it’s time to learn what NOT TO DO on Facebook. Facebook is a two headed monster. It will highlight all of your greatness and it will make public and easily accessible all of your screw ups (you know the ones you don’t think people will see but secretly they all know about it).

Look at Alex Rodriguez, the 3rd baseman for the Yankees. He was the golden child of baseball in his early career, then one mistake changed everything for him. The association of steroids by his name, which has now turned into an asterisks. All the hard work he put in building a legacy leading up to that point was wiped out in a matter of seconds.

The same is with Facebook. You can be the golden child, the next rising star prodigy of your time, but if you don’t know what NOT TO DO on Facebook then it can all be wiped out in a couple of minutes. You will spend the next several months to years trying to repair your reputation. Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t, but why not just avoid the whole thing all together?

What Not To Do On Facebook – People Bashing

Look at the current major industry leaders that have been in the spotlight for at least a couple years. Can you ever remember them publicly putting someone down? No, because leaders bring people up, they don’t bring people down. Bringing people down is one of the biggest things of what NOT to do on Facebook.

What would your potential prospects think if they saw you bashing someone? Do you think that would give them the urge to pick up the phone, dial your number and say “Hey, I want to work with you. What do I have to do?”

I have had people call me and tell me that, and I can guarantee you that it wasn’t because they saw me bash people publicly on Facebook. Remember, Facebook is PUBLIC. Your every keystroke will go noticed.

I had shared a post that I had written on Facebook which was then shared by a major marketer because they identified with it and supported it. In the blog post I mentioned how I was going to go on a service trip to the Dominican Republic where I would be a clinical instructor for current physical therapy students that were going down there with their University to work in under-served clinics. For whatever reason, a person choose to bash it.

The Aftermath That Was Triggered:

(1) He got the attention of the major marketer that supported it (not the good type of attention).
(2) He backed down and apologized in fear that he offended that person.
(3) Background Check

53043wi8lav40py 300x300 What Not To Do On FacebookBreaking Down The Aftermath #1

When you people bash, you are causing people to take sides. They will either support you or defend the other person. What you may not realize, is that psychologically, you are causing people to make a decision on YOU.

The interesting part is that the decision on YOU is not based upon you, it is based on the topic you were arguing about. However, it carries over to EVERYTHING that YOU do. There will be a negative connotation to things you promote just because you are associating yourself with it.

In this case, the battle ground was over performing international community service in under-served populations. Which is not going to be easily won in the eyes of many. Hint: Pick your battles wisely.

The important thing to realize is that he has just pushed away every potential prospect that has performed community service internationally because he has publicly made it known that he does not support it. Unfortunately, because he choose to display his opinions on the platform of a major marketer, and so was his message. This is why it is on my list of what not to do on Facebook.

You need to consider the size of the platform when you are going to take a hard stance on one side of the fence. The bigger the platform the more people you will polarize. Good or bad. There are many marketers that will choose to hold their tongue even if they feel strongly against something because of the size of the platform.

Continuation Of What Not To Do On Facebook

I will break down points #2 and #3 the upcoming part 2 of what not to do on Facebook. Showing you a continuation of the aftermath and how it affects your brand, your positioning, and what can happen if all your previous marketing is exposed. You do not want to miss this because it will go into higher level conversations that will cause you to see things in different light. Be on the look out of What Not To Do On Facebook Part 2.

For information on what TO DO on Facebook then go here.


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