Why Pay Rent When You Can Buy Cigarettes?

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ID 10070488 300x199 Why Pay Rent When You Can Buy Cigarettes?I spent this past weekend at “Pitchfest” with Diane Hochman and as you’ve probably noticed I’ve been teaching you a lot about crafting offers and tapping into what makes people want to buy, so I wanted to stay on that topic for a little bit more.

I’m sure you have seen this situation before…

You are siting in your car, stopped at a busy intersection when you see this bum with those fingerless gloves on holding a brown cardboard sign that reads “Homeless, need food. Please Help.”

Yet this guy is smoking a pack of fresh cigarettes and has a brown bag with a topped off bottle of booze sitting next to him.

Why Is He Choosing To Spend Money On Cigarettes And Booze?

You would think that if someone is in dire straights that they would only spend money on the essentials. You know like, food, water, and shelter. Sounds logical right? So why is this guy spending his money on booze and cigarettes?

I’m not just talking about him in this situation either. We all do this in some form. We know that it’s going to be a tight month money wise and we may be cutting it close on the rent but we will still go out to eat or watch the latest blockbuster at the movie theater (ticket prices are getting ridiculous now of days!).

This is something that Diane Hochman mentioned…

“people don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want.”

For me this leaves a bit of a dilemma… I care about giving people what they NEED. What is going to move the needle for them. I don’t have a desire to sell or recommend products to them that don’t serve them, even if they want it and I will make money off of it.

On the flip side, I can’t exactly go broke because then I wouldn’t be around to help. So that wouldn’t serve them either.

So what’s a boy to do?

The trick is to sell them what they want but give them what they need. That’s why I talked about framing your selling on emotion in the previous post (you can read it here). My offer can speak to what they want, but my product will satisfy their need.

Does that make sense?

It’s an udderly important concept so I want you to get it. People may not think that they NEED to have an autoresponder like Aweber to build their list so they won’t buy it. Luckily for them, I KNOW that they NEED Aweber to build a list otherwise their business will be dead in the water in several years if they even make it that long without it.

What they want is long term security in their home business. They just don’t know that having a “list” is what will provide them that. In order to have a “list” you need a good autoresponder like Aweber (the current industry standard). So that is what I would frame my offer around.

In fact, I would even offer to give them a 15 min consult on explaining the value of having and building a “list” if they didn’t comprehend the importance of it. My offer is even open to you, if you got Aweber today, then email me the receipt and we can schedule a 15 min consult.

The key point to remember is that people buy based on what they WANT and NOT what they NEED.


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